Suzuki GSR750 Scorpion Serket Taper exhaust fly by and soundcheck

This video was created in response to motohead2707 who requested a fly by in the comments of the first Scorpion video (…), so it is not just that I love filming myself in riding suit 😛

Decided to make a little longer edit than the traditional fly bys, since there was material. Tried to capture exhaust sound as much as possible, not only fly by. The best run starts at 1:43.

Maybe this is helpful to someone considering buying this can. I have been happy with it, except that now have been regretting that didn’t take the carbon one, it would have looked even better in black. The sound is not too loud for everyday riding with killer off (might be illegal, though). The tone is very nice.

It was measured at local race track to have sound level of 89 db with killer, and 93 db without. The original can is 88 db.

Good headphones or subwoofer recommended 🙂